Angry Wild Rhino Attack 3d

Who doesn’t love rhinoceros? Play Angry Wild Rhino Attack 3D simulator game to scavenge hunt in the wilderness. A crazy rhino escaped from zoo and enter into savanna wildlife to hunt down deer, zebra, fox and elephant.
Rhino are the deadly wild animals found in African and Asian jungles. After escaping from the children’s zoo, wild rhino is on crazy rush. Run into thick green forest and chase gorilla, bear and wolf. Enter wilderness to fight fierce animals like angry lion, furious cheetah and black panther. Animal skin and sharp horns are precious in black market. Beware of hunters in the safari jungle despised as trees, to scavenge wild animals at night time for skin and horns. They are professional animal hunters with sniper guns, will shoot if rhino goes near them. Some hungry wild animals will attack you in dark, try to kill you and satisfy their hunger. Fight and strike with mighty animals and cause rampage in forest.
Challenge the kingdom of angry king lion and spread the fear of rhinoceros in forest. You played some crazy animal rampage games, now try this wild rhino 3D simulator to battle against ferocious beasts from safari jungle. Explore the insane beauty of wildlife and hunt in animal rush. It is a full moon night, sky is full of bright stars and light visibility is good for a lethal rhino attack. It is a surviving battle where survival of life in jungle is a difficult challenge against mighty size enemy.
Rhinoceros Simulation 2016 Features:
10 challenging animal attacking and rhino hunting missions in forest
Lots of fierce wild beasts like cheetah, panther, lion and hippo
Hunt prey in night time with bright full moon in sky
Realistic jungle environment near hilly area far from city
On screen touch controls to chase, attack and strike your prey
Detailed 3D graphics and amazing collection of wild animals
Download Angry Wild Rhino Attack 3D newest simulator game for ultimate jungle fun and adventures of hunting animals.

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