Angry Bull Rampage

Trample the whole city and take a control of a new angry bull games simulator and angry bull game 2016. Its time to be an angry bull attack to run around the city streets, creating chaos and rampage with this bull fighting game and bakra eid game. In this angry bull simulation game control your angry bull, be a ferocious city bull attack 3d and smash people as you feel the ecstasy of being a powerful beast with your angry bull games. This bull rampage with super dazzling 3D environment gives you a mighty bull to do that with! Chase the people and their animal and attack on them with your powerful horns in latest angry bull attack game. So get ready for maximum destruction with your wild bull simulator of 2016. The newest free city bull attack 3d game with ANGRY BULL RAMPAGE is super exciting bull with the blend of new bull fighting games.In this ultimate angry bull games and bull game simualtor your aim is to create rampage in 3d fantasy city with your ultimate bull simulator game with new bull fighting games. At the start of the game you will see a qurbani bull that has run away from butcher is ready to attack on the civilians and their animals. Create maximum destruction and damage everything to achieve the ultimate goal in this angry bull attack simulator with your ultimate angry bull and let your inner beast out and bring some chaos in the city. Take control of the wild bull, smash civilians and their animals in your way in this latest angry bull attack games with angry bull attack sim game.

– 15 action packed angry bull attack missions.
– Realistic 3D bull animations and awesome graphics.
– 3D fantasy city with your favorite prey in qurbani games.
– Vibrant and action pack game play with crazy bull attack
So are you ready to be an angry bull and create rampage in town? Our bull attack 3d will get the chance to hit and break bones with its special rage attack choice. Start making the whole city run for its lives in this latest action packed ANGRY BULL RAMPAGE the most fresh angry bull games simulator with bull fighting games and bakra eid qurbani games with the twist of angry bull games 2016.