Farm Donkey Rampage

Here come’s the Donkey world adventure with amazing donkey in city smashing objects.Are you ready for Donkey simulator? Yes, Donkey can not only jump, but also fight and hit.Begin donkey’s adventure ! Donkey in city fighting with police and commandos ! Hitting people with super donkey simulation in 3d world animal adventure .There are many mysterious power ups on his way.It’s your time to start the seaside adventure now with donkey colt!Chasing boys and girls for fun with FARM DONKEY RAMPAGE!Smash things bravely like like barrels , street lights , container , mailbox , power box , umbrella , gas cylinder , hydrants, signboards , trash bin , tractors and cars.Look at that Donkey! Why do you have a dumb cow, bulls cows and Donkey in a horse game? I know, I know, its not right. But it looks like a horse, and they are funny.

* Mysterious items and power ups on the way of adventure.
* glorious achievements to unlock.
* Decent HD graphics and Excellent sound effects.
* Large screen support include Android 3.0 devices.
* Different Farm donkey breeds, including a Donkey colt
* entertaining adventure is waiting for you with cars and tractors.
Its fun 3D animal simulator for those looking to have fun as one of the world’s most popular animals. Its about survival, jumping and smashing cars. Just jumping and racing around doing whatever you want. You can also play missions where you must hunt around for various objects, cars, lights, signs. etc. Chase down cars, trucks, and even people to fulfill challenges . All happening is high quality 3D. Farm Animal simulation at its best with khota simulator.This game is fully loaded with tons of special effects, funny sounds, impacts, and animals. Give Donkey World a try with this khota( gadha )!Race around the track with your Donkey .Compete with other Donkeys.give our Animal Racing simulator a try it has many other animals too if you want to try in FARM DONKEY RAMPAGE.

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