Flying Ambulance Doctor

Have you ever imagine flying an ambulance just like a flying car games or flying truck games to rescue the patients? Well it’s your chance to fly a brand new ambulance. This flying ambulance simulator will take you to action packed flight of latest helicopter flying ambulance simulator or ambulance games. In this 3d flying ambulance rescue game you have to rescue the patients in emergency situation from jungle with your brand new helicopter ambulance. Become a flying ambulance helicopter pilot or ambulance doctor you and your paramedic team have to ready to rescue the injured patients from jungle. Forget other ambulance games, ambulance doctor games and ambulance driving games. Fly your ambulance just like the original air ambulance simulator games and be the real ambulance doctor in this doctor games. So in this flying ambulance driving game, you will have the opportunity to become an ultimate flying ambulance driver or helicopter flying ambulance games pilot.

10 courageous flying ambulance doctor simulation missions are available in the flying ambulance games. This is the matchless combination of helicopter flying ambulance games and ambulance simulator games. Your mission in this game is to fly or drive your ambulance to pick and drop your patients quickly. Be the fearless flying ambulance driver or flying ambulance pilot 3d. Become the life saver with this flying simulator 3D.

1. Amazing 3d Environments and smooth flying ambulance game play
2. you are driving and flying an ambulance which looks really amazing!
3. 10 most challenging levels among all other flying ambulance games.
4. Select a flying ambulance and start your rescue mission.
5. Unique ambulance driving simulator challenges.
7. Real helicopter flying simulator games and flying ambulance games features.

Fly your helicopter ambulance or flying ambulance carefully just like flying car in the sky and don’t collide with the forest trees to avoid bigger accident. Flying ambulance doctor simulator 3D is a new kind of flying ambulance rescue simulator driving game in which our responsibility is to reach and rescue the injured citizen immediately and save precious lives. Download and enjoy.

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