Heavy Excavator 2017 Stone Cut

Drive through the high rocky and rough environment playing as an excavator operator in newest heavy excavator games 2017 with the twist of stone cutter or stone crusher. With heavy excavator simulator 2017 test your skills at a real construction site by driving heavy construction machinery in shape of heavy excavator game simulator. It’s a unique blend of crane games and dumper truck loading games where you need to clear the natural road blockage and rescue the movement of traffic with heavy excavator crane cutter and driller. Experience the manual handling of hydraulic excavator crane in heavy excavator game simulator. Drive excavator crane simulator in hard ways for stone cutting also drive in heavy excavator crane games for construction work. Time to enjoy this excavator game simulator and other top-notch heavy machines with the twist of stone crushing in HEAVY EXCAVATOR 2017 STONE CUT!GAME-PLAY OF EXCAVATOR GAME SIMULATOR:

At the start of the day as a heavy excavator driver you have to check the blocked roads and narrow paths because of last night’s land sliding. Drive excavator cutter with powerful driller and unblock a path in a hilly environment, drill down those massive rocks and cut them into small pieces by using excavator crusher. It’s time to check your heavy excavator driving skill in crane games simulator. Get into the cabin and operate hydraulic excavator crane to lift up big hard stones and release the road traffic. Cutting rocks to crush them into stones is your first job in this heavy excavator crane game sim 3d. You have to be a dumper truck driver too and load the pieces of big stones and drive the truck to clear the blockage in one of the top loader truck driving games.


– Multiple missions of heavy construction crane games with complete game-play.
– Superb and easy heavy excavator Controls.
– Drive your own excavator crane games in 9 detailed levels.
– With Loader truck driving games twist.
– Multiple jobs like excavator as stone crusher and dumper truck loader never seen before in dumper truck loading games and drilling games together.
– Real life construction site environment around huge hilly and land sliding area.

So are you ready for this loader truck driving games or dumper truck loading games with the twist of drilling games together? Then be ready to operate powerful driller and sharp heavy excavator cutter to crush down the big stones on twisty roads which are specially designed for expert drivers of top loader truck driving games. Download this HEAVY EXCAVATOR 2017 STONE CUT latest edition of drilling and cutting in heavy excavator games.