Limo Fleet Transporter: Taxi

Play one of the best limo transport game and take a chance to drive your favorite limousine car in limo taxi games and transport truck games. If you love to drive fully loaded multi storey transporter truck then this ride will definitely amuse you. Start to transport luxury and high-value limousine taxis, cargo delivery truck or heavy duty helicopter, our unique introduction to car transporter games enriches your exposure to multi-driving in limo transporter games. As a limo car transporter your major responsibility is to successfully deliver a fleet of limousine taxis in this latest entry to car delivery games. Get behind the wheels in the top of Limo taxi games, all you have to do is to carefully load your high valued vehicles on the multi storey truck as you need to show expertise of driving delivery truck on busy roads without bumping, hitting or colliding vehicles or other things. LIMO FLEET TRANSPORTER: TAXI is super-hot edition in car transporter games of 2017.

Gameplay is not as easy as it’s looking! You need to smoothly handle this heavily loaded Cargo truck simulator or multi storey truck as this top notch entry to transport truck games demands accuracy of precisely parking cargo truck inside the helicopter plane. As a helicopter pilot fly over the mega cities and enjoy experience of car transporter in helicopter and forget other ordinary cargo truck games. So get ready to take a chance of driving experience of limo car transporter truck in 3D gameplay that which will surely the best in transport games. You have played many games like car transporter in aeroplane but first time we are introducing limo transport game in helicopter with comprehensive 20 different missions of car transport.


▶ Cargo truck games based sequences with detailed gameplay.
▶ Amazing 3D city environment designed for the lovers of limo transporter games.
▶ Transport truck games concept with the blend of limo games.
▶ HD graphics for easy game-play and realistic feelings of limo taxi games.
▶ Multiple simulation experience of car transporter games and transport truck games.

Surely, the paramount of limo taxi games is finally here for the lovers of transporter truck driving. We hope you will enjoy limo transport in helicopter with the twist of car transport trailer truck. Car transporter games fans will surely love this transportation experience of limo car driving and limo car transport. So folks! Get ready and fasten your seat belts and start the adventure of delivering ultra-luxury and lavish automobiles in one of the awesome cargo truck games. You are just a download away from LIMO FLEET TRANSPORTER: TAXI the enthusiastic limo transport game among all limo transporter games.

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