Obstacle Multi Vehicle Parking

Most wanted obstacle course games blender arrived in shape of multi vehicle parking adventure where you need to test your skills of parking with multiple vehicles like car parking, truck parking and bus parking in one of the top notch obstacle course car games. There is ultimate test of your car control with precision parking skills in one of the finest parking games 2017! Drive multiple awesome cars, buses and trucks through tricky road courses, difficult and packed full of narrow ramps, bridges, slaloms a ski race down a winding course marked out by poles, hard zig-zag ways, long tunnels and jumps! Obstacle course car games never been so awesome in which you can park like a boss. Get ready to enjoy the ultimate precision parking simulator experience in obstacle course games with the twist of parking games 2017 in OBSTACLE MULTI VEHICLE PARKING!


Drive tons of vehicles in this parking mania including stylish sports cars, big heavy trucks and tour bus. Every vehicle of obstacle course games will test your test your accurate parking and driving skills to the limit on these adventure courses. You must not go off track or falling outside from your track in parking games 2017 with the twist of obstacle course car games. Be ready to jump into the biggest parking simulation game with most addictive driving skill.


You have played many other ordinary truck parking or car parking games but this is a real treat for the lovers who want to drive or park multiple vehicles in one game and want to park like a boss. Drive your car, bus or truck carefully through city roads with precise steering and realistic controls. Most importantly, don’t forget to try all the models of your favorite vehicles.

Other Features:

➤ Parking game with full mode of obstacles and hurdles missions.
➤ 25 vibrant levels in one of the paramount of obstacle course games.
➤ Choose your own vehicle to drive and park from the 3D garage.
➤ Realistic parking and driving simulation game.
➤ Customized controls like Buttons, steering wheel or Tilt.

At the end to sum up! the paramount of parking games 2017 is here for those who love obstacle course car games or truck and bus parking twist in one game and want to park like a boss. You are just a download away from this super-cool and precision parking simulator with OBSTACLE MULTI VEHICLE PARKING.

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