Presidential Security: Captain Hero

After massive success of Presidential Security Driver Rival Spils Proudly presents Presidential Security: Captain Hero. Take care of American president with the help of top super hero security agent the captain hero president security officer with the help of other super hero undercover agents. Drive presidential limo or fly helicopter and take high responsibility as US president captain super hero pilot and make the America greater. Play as selected security officer hero and lead the US leader who is most powerful person on the earth right now. This USA president helicopter game will take you to the height of confidence with your captain hero presidential security adviser of limousine, helicopter and president house situated in no fly zone highly restricted area. President security game simulator with the new president of USA is here!

Arrange security on meeting area and have futuristic ride of presidential protocol to be followed by the police squad and special forces agencies with no collisions to occur. Make sure that big city traffic goes on with the flow but transport of presidential crew should be safe and sound. Enjoy security agent captain fighter super hero presidential life. You are selected as elite agent from super hero army and now you are a personal guard for the USA President in this Limo and captain stealth driver security sim. Take your drive with president on VIP limo and then take flight of helicopter with assurance of safe takeoff and landing as Presidential Security Captain Hero Under Cover Agent.

Get ready for the ultimate captain shield fighting in this simulator game. If you love captain hero games then you will surely enjoy taking fighting action with the help of other super hero security officers like iron hero, spider president security officer and many more monster heroes against enemies of president in this this brand new president security game.

Presidential Security: Captain Hero Features:

– Cover all president events as secret super hero agent.
– Provide security to armored elevated cruiser for presidential transport.
– Realistic gameplay and marvelous 3D HD vibrant graphics.
– Combo hero undercover agents to choose from.
– Use special sniper attacks & shooting fighting tricks.

Finish all security super hero adventure missions successfully as royal American security agent. Download now Presidential Security: Captain Hero! loads of security and president helicopter limo simulator tasks and lead your squad of real super heroes security agents.