Presidential Security Driver

Drive presidential limo or fly helicopter and take high responsibility as US president pilot and make the America greater. Play as selected security driver & pilot of US leader who is most powerful person on the earth. This USA president helicopter game will take you to the height of confidence with your presidential limo & helicopter. President Helicopter Game sim with the new president of USA is here! Enjoy your presidential life. You are selected as elite flight pilot and now you are a personal heli pilot for the USA President in this Limo and helicopter driver security sim. Take your drive with president on VIP limo and then take flight of helicopter with assurance of safe takeoff and landing as Presidential Security Driver.

Get ready for the ultimate madness of royal helicopter in this simulator game. If you love city plane games then you will surely enjoy taking flight in this this brand new flight game simulator with city helicopter & limousine. Test your skills in this epic flight as pilot of the United States President. This game belongs to one of the better plane flight game simulator.

Perform like a real pilot of president helicopter & precision driving skills and do not cause a collision in this majestic royal helicopter and armored limo in this simulator. You need to be a perfect helicopter parker in this ultimate helicopter flight game.

Features in Presidential Pilot Limo Driver Game:

↗ Helicopter parker simulator and royal limo drive game.
↗ Awesome presidential events like driving armored cars and fly helicopter.
↗ Realistic fight game experience in this president helicopter flight.
↗ 3D flight game with huge city limo & helicopter for presidential pick & drop.
↗ Avoid collisions and drive presidential helicopter & limousine carefully.

Finish all big city adventure missions successfully as royal American helicopter pilot. Download now Presidential Security Driver aka president helicopter limo simulator and have a lavish limo ride and survival president helicopter flight around the Washington City.

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