Flying Car Sim: Taxi Pilot 3D

Flying Car Sim: Taxi Pilot 3D

Flying Car Simulator: Taxi Pilot 3D, Ever dreamed to drive a flying car or ever wanted to drive a flying taxi? here you go, Flying taxi simulator gives you a chance to drive a flying car cab. board your passengers and fly over beautiful city with amazing 3D graphics and environment in flying car games. This fly car taxi game will give you experience of airplane and luxury futuristic flying taxi game, flying car simulation at the same time. With this Flying Taxi 2016 flying car simulator 2016 games 3d will give you opportunity to show your skills as a pilot driver, not an aeroplane pilot but a flying car driver pilot, you may see some flying police cars and flying sports car and trucks around you in the air. Show your driving ability and pilot skills at the same time. do not exceed the speed limit, flying police cars are on duty and you may get a traffic ticket for over speeding.

It’s time for our car stunt race driver 3d to show exceptional air craft pilot skills and car driving skills in one of the most spectacular flying car games.
Take your boarded passengers to other islands through amazing landscape and terrain. during your ride you will discover new landscapes and islands. Enjoy a realistic flying car simulator and be the best car stunt race driver 3d. This flying taxi cab simulator will give you realistic experience better than any other flying games in the google play store.

Flying Taxi: Real Pilot – GAME FEATURES:

✔ Check your Flying Car Driving Ability
✔ Test Plane Flight Cab Car Skills
✔ Amazing HD Graphics
✔ Beautiful islands and landscapes
✔ Realistic and dynamic flying car physics
✔ Advanced aeroplane flight physics

Flying Car games with flying Taxi is made for all fans of flying car cab games, free car driving games, Simulation games and aeroplane Flight games In one of the most latest flying car racing games, fly your car like an airplane and feel like a professional aircraft flight pilot. So download FLYING CAR SIMULATOR with taste of TAXI PILOT 3D and enjoy thrill of realistic flying car games 2016.


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