City Hero Firefighter Rescue

City Hero Firefighter Rescue

Hurry up! There is an emergency call for you, the city is on fire and you are the Commander of firefighters team and rescue services in a rescue strategy game with the blend of fire rescue games. Forget other rescue games of helicopter simulator 3d firefighter and become a firefighter hero and fight against blazing fire and save lives.Play Firefighter Simulator 3D and save citizens from dangerous fires with this latest emergency fire rescue games! Make your way to the fire point by driving different fire trucks! Use your siren to aware everyone about the disaster in fire fighter 3d game with CITY HERO FIREFIGHTER RESCUE! best in all firefighter games.

Extinguish the fire and stop it from spreading! Get ready for an adventure to extinguish the danger with your Modern Firefighting equipment in firefighter games. The.The people need a city hero they can look up to! Dive into realistic, suspense-packed missions with your firefighting unit, where your decisions can often mean the difference between life and death. Find out what it means to be a true Hero with action skills.Are you ready for the challenge with latest fire fighter 3d game.

Have you ever dream of saving lives? Then get in your speeding fire truck in firefighter games! Fight against fires! Here is the chance to show your bravery. Emergency locations will present a challenge of blazing disasters. Emergency fire rescue games were never been so thrilling.

Features of Fire Fighter 3D game.

– Easy-to-learn firefighting gameplay.
– Realistic and detailed HD graphics
– Game-play optimized for the touchscreen
– Thrilling fire rescue missions
– Awesome 3D city environment
– Realistic damage in fire rescue games.
– Fireman third person control in emergency fire rescue games.

Firefighter the city hero will bring you addictive gameplay and will add fun to firefighter games with the twist of fire rescue games. When the flames of of fire fills the streets of your city Water on! is shouted out, everyone knows: It’s that time again – the fire department is here to win the fight against the flames.Enjoy Firefighter simulator 2017. Become a real life great hero with CITY HERO FIREFIGHTER RESCUE!


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Crazy City Zombies Death

Crazy City Zombies Death

Zombie Killer is #1 FPS zombie shooter game that combines the timeless appeal of classic ultimate action games.
Your mission is to fight with zombies with bone-crushing weapons and take on the undead .Kill zombies with unique skills, strength, power, attacks and agility to defeat mighty opponents.
Are you ready to unleash your match-winning strategy and save your homeland with defense.

Cut down wave after wave of zombies in this endless shooting adventure! Engage in skull-crushing mayhem to save mankind.

Save citizens from stupid monster zombies .Enjoy Hitting with head shot,buckshot and much more

Choose from different weapons.use your strong armor to withstand piercing damage.You just need to pull the dead trigger to kill them.

Start Journey through awesome levels and defeat mighty zombie bosses to become the ultimate champion.

Fight evil in the dark crazy city and Survive the incoming waves of invading zombies.

-Enjoy shocking music and sound effect!
-Experience the sensation of firing wildly!
-Kill different kinds of zombies!
-New mind blowing weapons
-Challenging missions!
-Experience exciting shooting gameplay against zombies!
-Also optimized for tablet devices
This game is completely free to download and play.

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City Dino Rampage 2016

City Dino Rampage 2016

Explore with your dinosaur an entire world. A really amazing dinosaur simulator game.Get around with your dinosaur, eat everything you find on your way!Smash out everything in your way.Be crazy Dinosaur and hit objects in this dinosaur simulator a new addiction to dinsaur games free. Dinosaur Rampage with action gameplay.Take control of a huge Tyrannosaurus (T-Rex) and rampage the city. Smash into cars. Knock over streetlights, mailboxes. Watch water pour out of the Fire Hydrants as you smash into them. Don’t worry, this dinosaur will eat people. He just likes to play around.The Jurassic beast strikes the modern city again. Dinosaurs are back from the Jurassic Age!

Play as an infuriated dinosaur warped out of its time period. The city once yours is riddled by strange, tiny, two legged creatures…they scream loudly and run pretty fast! Don’t let those tiny arms deter you from claiming back your home! Wander around the city destructing whatever gets in your way. Chase and crush invaders. Here is a chance to not only watch realistic dinos in this age but also be one of them!

City Dino Rampage 3D features:

•Realistic Animated Dinosaurs
•Awesome 3D City Environment
•Play As T-Rex, Spinosaurus, or Velocipede
•Smooth And Easy Controls
•Multiple levels with challenging gameplay
•Install and play to become an ancient beast!

dinosaur rampage,carnivorous, tyrannosaurus, Tyrannosaurus are back from extinction in the African jungles. Help Trex for playing in the city Create havoc of the Jurassic era and win all levels. Look out for the other vicious dinosaurs.Explore with your dinosaur an entire world. A really amazing dinosaur simulator game: get around with your dinosaur, eat everything you find on your way!With your giant 3D Dinosaur be sure and look around in all the corners and uncover all the map secrets.This Dinosaur simulator is something you will not want to miss. You’ve tried Wolf Simulator, Bear Simulator, Shark Simulator, and anaconda Simulator. Now give Dinosaur Simulator a try!! Its big, its bad, its 3D awesomeness!

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