Super War Hero: Street Fighting

Super War Hero: Street Fighting

Super War Hero: Street Fighting

Play this action packed free game as superhero street war fighter in the intense city crime of USA. This super battle hero fighting journey begins to find his kidnapped sister and destroy the crime city sins empire. The action and thrill of this expedition is purely different and innovative from the street crime which the player tastes in the superhero street fight game. Street wrestling with the help of super mom. Be a superhero kung fu fight champion and take out gangster, street thugs, and mobsters with your superpower fighter attacks. New superhero street fighting with the ultimate kung fu fighter champion is next generation of warrior. Kung Fu hero street champion fight is the action game of revenge fighting. Time to join the world of king of street fighting, take revenge and catch your rivals dead or alive in Super War Hero: Street Fighting. This is ultimate wrestling fight of super battle hero.

Play with amazing super fight heroes with ultimate street fighting action packed game as a kung fu hero, faces off against the rivals and rampaging gangs. Explore the crime city full of gangs and aggressive while using your amazing skills to rescue your sister. Fight against enemies and use your supernatural brutal battle powers. You must be very sure about your actions against the super powers and strange powers of superhero street wars fighter because your slight mistake will endanger the credibility of your performance of rescue hero games in the survival city. The vicious gang city mafia with deadly street fighting or superhero street fighters skills have taken control of the different locations of the crime city. This wrestling fight action game is a fusion of RPG fight and street battling adventure. Face the dangerous scenarios in the streets and roads of city of USA. In this mission,. Head to head superhero revenge war fighting with the urban mafia as super slime hero.

Features of Superhero Street Fighting:

• Exceptional colorful HD graphics with vice city environment.
• Multiple real superhero kung Fu fighter champion missions to destroy criminals.
• Smooth fighters animations and ultimate revenge combat styles.
• Fighting with city mafia as the slime super hero.
• Eye catching visuals & vibrant gameplay in crime town.
• Team up in street wrestling with the help of wife or super mom fighter.

Try to move and run faster than your rival and use all street fighting skills to exhaust your enemy. The amazing karate fighting game with the twist of kung fun street fighting will bring the long-lost arcade fighting experience. Download now Super War Hero: Street Fighting! The thrill kung fu fight champion experience.

Super War Hero: Street Fighting
Super War Hero: Street Fighting
Super War Hero: Street Fighting
Super War Hero: Street Fighting

Mafia Crime Gangs Battle

Mafia Crime Gangs Battle

Epic thug life of mafia godfather and real underworld don! Play city gangster of criminal mafia squad in this town gang war & battle missions with mafia war games and underworld action games. There has been an extreme clash in the Russian city between city cops vs gangsters. The main objective is to start as a robbers against other criminal squads to execute city grand theft. Join a mafia gang to finally take gangster revenge and start battle against opponents mafia dons and break down the underworld empire with Mafia crime games. Rule over the city as a head of gang war mafia of down town. Become a hustler, fighter and mafia lord at the same time with this final battle of gangster revenge in crime games. Play blend of best crime games in the world with MAFIA CRIME GANGS BATTLE! Ultimate crime story of underworld mafia gangs.

Epic Fusion of Underworld Action Games:

Get yourself prepared to for ultimate crime, robbery, revenge! Heroic battle & Fight the real mafia war against these Russian mafia gods and gangs. Amazing panic & terrorizing adventure enter into the Gangs battlefield with the twist of gangster gang wars in city with new crime games 2017. Ultimate city gangster brawl and epic underworld mafia lord battle story with Gang War Mafia Crime. Enjoy criminal adventures and mess around crime city with local bandits and thugs in mafia crime games.

Robbery & Auto Theft Missions:

Gangster brawls, crazy auto theft, robbery escape, bank heist and even stealing and robbing the jewelry shops. Mafia RPG Shoot to takeout the security guards during robbery and stealing missions, assassinate guards as a real shooter. Play for your survival mission, intense police chase missions, real time gangsters war and battle for being underworld mafia crime lord.

Features of Gang War Mafia Crime:

Assault shooting against other mafia criminal squad & Auto theft.
Robbery, stealing missions, and Ultimate Bank Heist with gangster revenge battle game.
Play as the Real Mafia of crime town with underworld action games.
Multiple theft, steal vehicles and robbery scenarios & missions in new crime games 2017.
Master gang brawl mission for the possession of Mafia God of underworld empire.
Big time gangsta and highly challenging stealth games mission to become mafia crime lord.

Shoot other enemies criminal mafia guards and move under Shadows to strike enemies with deadly final revenge with gang war mafia crime battle. Get ready for grand robberies in real city with MAFIA CRIME GANGS BATTLE! Story of gangster revenge and final war battle to become underworld mafia lord.


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