Ultimate Cheetah War Z

Get ready to fight against the army of the darkness with angry cheetah games, yes against the dead walking creature zombies! Which overrun over the crazy city and jungle, killing the innocent citizens and jungle animals for their thirst of blood in War Z simulator. Your city and jungle is infecting by zombies and your ultimate wild cheetah is the survivor of be the city and Jungle in this ultimate cheetah games. Attack and kill the zombies to save the animals and citizens lives in ultimate cheetah zombies games, War Z . In first 8 levels of Z War the demons are walking towards the city. End the terrible disaster before this zombies virus cause the destruction of city in zombies killer games. Play as wild cheetah who has a target to find and kill the zombies in this zombies games and War Z simulator 3d and be the survivor of the city. In the next 8 levels survive your jungle from the zombies. Jump over the zombies with your wild cheetah and kill them to complete your jungle saving mission and dominate the wild jungle world in the most incredible zombies killer games, cheetah games 3d. Cheetah vs zombies is the real zombies simulator 3d.
Experience the thrill of cheetah’s attack on zombies in the huge jungle. Play one of the most adventurous wild cheetah forest zombies hunt 3d games, with rushed attack on the dead zombies. Have you ever wondered to be a wild cheetah? You have chance in this zombies hunting games to become an angry cheetah and attack on these demons with razor sharp claws. Roar and run through the city and jungle with Ultimate War Z cheetah vs. zombies simulator. Join the zombies hunting battle with amazing wild cheetah attack animations in most zombies killing games 3d. Experience the thrill of being an angry cheetah in cheetah vs zombies game.

Clear the zombies infected city and jungle in zombies games
Realistic wild cheetah animations with roaring sounds in ultimate cheetah simulator
Awesome 3D Graphics and realistic zombies .
Addictive attacking gameplay to defend your city and jungle.
16 Action packed killer missions to save the city and jungle animals.

Download Ultimate Cheetah Vs Zombies War Z games and become a wild cheetah and stop the invasion of dead monsters zombies. Newest and first ever War Z against zombies apocalypse in zombies killer game and wild cheetah vs zombies simulator.

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