US City Firefighter Rescue Truck Simulator

Become a firefighting emergency response squad member of American firefighter rescue department. In US City Firefighter Rescue Truck Simulator 2018 3D game! Fill the tank with water, start your firefighting truck engine and let’s start city rescue missions. This NYC city firefighter simulation game has very interesting gameplay not seen in other firefighter games 2018. You need to be a vigilant fire engine driver, start fire engine games fusion and start emergency rescue firefighting duty. Fire truck driving simulation with emergency rescue duty is here. You need to be ready to respond to fire emergencies at any time in 911 NY city firefighting department as American firefighter with the emergency rescue squad.

So put on your fire duty helmet on for safety and get ready to drive your fire truck rescue with siren and light as fast as possible with safety to the fire location or parking place. In fire truck rescue games when you drive US Fire truck engine is carefully that you don’t damage, accident, truck crash engine or hit anything if any moment occurs you need to start the city rescue mission again. Play as fireman with amazing Fire fighting skills will be put to the test as you try to save the city from disaster as American firefighter city rescue! It’s your duty to help the police extinguish fires and rescue civilians! You’ll be faced with car fires, burning buildings and aiding disastrous truck crashes! Forget firefighter helicopter games and try this brand new 911 American fireman game.

Become fireman and drive multiple emergency rescue trucks in NY city area and other US highway roads in firefighter games. This emergency rescue fire truck game, provide real emergency rescue 3d service and save their lives by reached that digital map area. You will also take emergency racing thrill when you will in hurry to rescue busted and burn cars and inflamed buildings on busy roads in fire truck rescue games. In an emergency duty as a FireFighter rescue driver to you need to survive and rescue civilians trapped in fires! In this fire truck 2018 simulator you drive your truck to the location of the fire, so then extinguish fires and save the day in firefighter games 2018.

US City Firefighter Rescue Truck Simulator Features:

• Life of 911 NY firefighter rescue driver with many 3D firefighting missions.
• Complete city rescue missions in grand New York City as American firefighter.
• Emergency rescue with precision truck driving experience.
• Realistic 911 fire trucks range with siren, engine sound & lights.
• Many firefighter missions to complete in US firefighter simulator.
• Awesome animated buildings, shopping malls & people to rescue.
• Real NY city environment & super HD graphics in this emergency response sim 2018.

Drive your Fire Emergency Vehicle FAST and save people. Stop water and gas leakage, and complete many other thrill firefighter truck missions, all within a gorgeous urban environment with fire engine games. Download US City Firefighter Rescue Truck Simulator and be a member of 911 emergency response squad with city rescue.